From the recording Waiting for the Tide

I remember my mother taking me on an outing when I was about 5 years old. I still don't know where she took me but this song describes all I saw and imagined.


I was just a young lad on a hillside looking down.
Watching all the people gathered in the town.
I once saw the Master on the harbour quayside, in his winter coat, standing by a boat, waiting for the tide.

I was just a young lad when my father went to sea.
Sailing with a fair wind he would wave to me.
I once saw a Captain by the harbour quayside, on the cobbled tiles, looking out for miles, waiting for the tide.

I would give my heart to be sailing as the boats get underway.
See the water swell, hear a cabin bell, as we drift along the bay.
I would sing with them shanty love songs, I would pledge my heart to the sea.
As the ocean flows and a fair wind blows, that's the greatest place I can be.