From the recording Over the Bridge


Drifitng along never was easy,
I took on the world for it seemed like fun,
sold what I had when my troubles began
and broke every promise I made.
Drifitng along sometimes was crazy,
I played in each town but never stayed long,
took when I could though I knew it was wrong
and lost every dime that I made.

Over the bridge was a welcoming glade
where the sun shined bright every day.
There the grass seemed greener
but soon began to fade.

Love's like a game, sometimes there are losers,
I waited too long and it slipped away.
Lost every chance so I called it a day
and made for a brand new start.
Love was a flame that never stopped burning.
When things got too hot I made for the track,
took what I could but put nopthing back
and left with a broken heart.

So bring on a light to my dream.
I'll turn back the way that I came.
Where crystal waters gleam
and grass is green, just the same.