Paul MaDellan - Song writer & arranger

Folk and Country music has long held a special place in my musical interests. Being fortunate to have enjoyed an adventurous and happy childhood has provided a seemingly wealth of inspiration. Much of my music reflects true incidents, real people and actual places. Sad to say many of those places, and indeed some of those people no longer exist. However, the legends and memories will linger on and, hopefully, so will the music. Music is truly a great medium, it is both spiritual, emotional and very expressive. My early years were spent in Cambridgeshire and for many years thereafter in London and Essex, but I have also lived in Co. Durham and of late, North Wales and traveled the length and breadth of this land. I discovered for myself the wealth of wonderful folk music that exists in every Corner of these Islands, and which has surely inspired so many writers. both past and present. I was also fortunate to have been around at the start of the music revolution of the mid 1950's. There must have been a dozen Skiffle Groups in our Street alone. Sure we all sounded terrible but it was tremendously enjoyable. Somewhere about this time one hell of a guy by the name of Elvis Presley came onto the scene and changed just about everything. He recorded 'It's alright mamma' with a hasitly put together band consisting of two guitars a bass and drums. That became the template for almost every backing group thereafter. By 1958 Buddy Holly was the guy every fella wanted to be. His backing group, the Crickets, and the fantastic Tex-Mex sound he pioneered influences music even today. Buddy's black horn rimmed spectacles probably did more to give Opticians their hey day than their advertising campaigns ever did.