Paul MaDellan

Cecilia, why must we wait

Paul MaDellan


I saw this film on TV about a young couple who go on the rampage, looting, shooting and everything else. I had this notion that it would be so nice if they could see the error of their ways. Then a happy ending could be an option rather than the usual strong arm of the law triumphing.


Cecilia, Cecilia, why must we wait. This time by tomoroow will be too late. The future's looking bright, the last train leaves tonight. Cecilia, Cecilia, one step to go. Got to keep your head, staying low, be on the move instead. Took a long haul ride on a diesel run, driving through the night. Stayed side by side and lived just for fun. Did what we thought was right. Got to keep on moving, stay on the run. Hide away from the things we've done. Love each other like we said we should Stick together as we said we would. The future looks bright, the last train leaves tonight. Put the rain behind we'll change with the morning sun.